BUKKYO DENDO KYOKAI (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, “BDK”) was established in December 1965 by Dr. Yehan Numata, the founder of Mitutoyo Corporation - provider of measuring instruments and metrological technology - with the help of others who shared his passion.

BDK aims to promote the culture of Japan, which embodies the Buddhist spirit of benevolence and equality; encourages academic research and development of Buddhist culture; enhances a modern understanding of Buddhism; cultivates holistic character through enlightening activities worldwide; and inspires the formation of positive communities. Through this pursuit, BDK hopes to contribute to human happiness and to world peace.

To realize the goals listed above, BDK is engaged in the following projects:

  1. Adapting and translating Buddhist texts into modern and international languages.
  2. Supporting programs that promote the Buddhist spirit as well as celebrate and develop Buddhist culture and studies.
  3. Organizing supporting and enlightening activities that encourage the Buddhist spirit and culture.
  4. Providing facilities needed for the promotion of Buddhist culture.
  5. Other projects that are necessary to reach the goals of BDK.

Buddhism has been promoted in Taiwan with the help of Mitutoyo’s agents, Sing Lung Trading Co., Ltd. and Jain Dah Trading Co., Ltd. Since 1970, both companies have been providing major hotels with copies of The Teaching of Buddha. In 1986, Mitutoyo Taiwan was established and began assisting in promoting and providing The Teaching of Buddha. Furthermore, the Taipei Buddhism Research Society was established in 1989, followed by BDK TAIWAN in 2000. More people were brought on board to promote Buddhism. Bing-Huang Chang - the famous Taiwanese calligrapher and university professor - has long acted as Chairman of BDK Taiwan.

BDK TAIWAN Activities & Programs

  1. Hardcover editions of the Chinese to English and Japanese to English versions of The Teaching of Buddha are provided for free.
  2. We import The Teaching of Buddha from Japan and welcome major hotels, organizations, and individuals to request copies through the phone. As our goal is to promote Buddhism, the books are provided free of charge. Contact Number: 0906-650-588.

    The Teaching of Buddha: The Buddha’s wisdom was delivered to us across two thousand long years through various scriptures. From over five thousand volumes of manuscripts, we’ve selected those most intimately connected to our everyday lives and translated them into our modern language for easier understanding. For international readers, we’ve also published translated editions. Currently, The Teaching of Buddha has been translated into 46 languages, with over 8.4 million copies distributed to hotels, hospitals, temples, and libraries in 64 different countries.

  3. Limited issues of A Wise Teaching A Day Calendar
  4. Prepared by BDK JAPAN, the calendar offers daily quotes on positive thinking. Quotes are presented in both Japanese and English, and offer encouragements to the heart as well as energy for a positive mentality.

  5. Publishing the Chinese translation of The Wisdom of Buddhism
  6. With the help of BDK JAPAN, the comic interpreting Buddhist doctrine and terminology was published in Japan. It aims at improving children’s understanding of Buddhism. Currently, BDK TAIWAN is organizing the Chinese translation of the comic, which is scheduled for publication in 2015 and will be donated to major public libraries.

  7. Organizing Buddhist Missionary Seminars
  8. Biennial Buddhist missionary seminars are hosted by BDK TAIWAN to boost communication between the organization and Japan, and to show participants its dedication and development of current activities.